Oceanic Vision Partners EOTY 2014 as the IT Sponsor

Oceanic Vision partnered with Entrepreneurs Organization, Coimbatore as the IT Sponsor for the EO – Entrepreneur of the year 2014 award program. The entrepreneurship celebration event was held on 27th June at Taj Vivanta Coimbatore. To support their online promotional activities and give the event a wider reach, we did event related updates in the website, developed EOTY’s promo video, Social media activities (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube ) and a mobile app that allow attendees to access event information from their handheld devices.

By doing Facbook Ad Campaign activities several weeks in advance we encouraged potential attendees to consider coming to the event and loyal attendees to register early. Being a proactive IT partner, we did many digital marketing activities to share and amplify event message. All the activities we did helped the potential audience to see the value in attending the event.

All the above specified tasks were done by Oceanic Vision Team with great involvement; ever teaser posts posted on the social media sites were informative & appealing. Having clear focus on the objective of the organization, we enhanced the market reach of the event & increased registrations for participation. With tremendous response from participants the event was a grant success and we are happy to be a part of this project.

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