Consultancy for Australian Companies

We have a number of offices, fully furnished in Mumbai East which we can give on 5 years lease.
1) Power Projects, Thermal, Hydro, Renewable energy such  Biomass, Wind & Solar
2) Railway Projects
3) Port Development
4) Water & Waste Water Treatment
5) Solid Waste Conversion
6) Maintenance Repair & Overhauling of Aircraft’s & Aviation Spare Parts manufacturing.
7) Takeover of existing Steel Companies at different locations in India.
8) Building of Roads, Bridges & Tunnels.
9) Development of Smart Cities and Specialized Industrial Zones.
 We undertake to get their licenses, Registrations with various governments, Follow up of upcoming projects & Coordination.

We can undertake the following for which it will be charged for each service:

1) Engage Head Hunters for hiring top posts.
2) Liaison with Government for securing Orders.
3) Provide Office Space till they move out to their own premises.
4) Identify suitable Office and Residence for Senior Executives.
5) Appoint Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Consultants for Provident Fund and other Taxes, Customs Agents etc.
6) Logistical Services through associate companies at various Ports, Airports & Sites.
7) Get all government licenses and registrations.
8) Public Relations and Social Media management.
9) Land acquisition any part of the country (100 to 1000 Acres).


Further if know Investment Companies, High Nett Worth Individuals, Sovereign Funds, Pension Funds etc looking to invest in India please let us know or call on 0411 356 177 or email us on