Infrastructure Management Services

We take complete responsibility of maintaining your IT Infrastructure with our Structured & Certified RIMS team.


Monitor your mission critical servers & network’s availability, round the clock
Manage your IT infrastructure with today’s need & tomorrow’s readiness
Support configuring your network and security appliances
Maintain Up-to-date OS Patches, Anti Virus definition and lot more

We offer reliable end-to-end IT Remote Infrastructure Management Services to automate your own IT Infrastructure with today’s needs & tomorrow’s readiness. Our suggestions are designed to proactively eliminate issues in IT Infrastructure and provide best-in-class IT infrastructure in the eco-systems of business. We monitor & manage all your mission critical servers, network & security appliances for its availability, utilization, and more per your requirement. We apprehend your requirements and cater to your specific IT infrastructure needs.

Our certified RIMS team of professionals will assist you to build and manage a secure and integrated IT environment. Our eminent service will help you to adopt industries best practices with considerably enhanced service levels. We consistently deliver high quality of services, which upsurge to competitive advantages for our clients, with our robust infrastructure and streamlined processes with our internal expertise. We help your businesses, free from stress to manage the rapidly changing technology needs.
Comprehensive Services

With in-depth industry knowledge we facilitate your business to manage and monitor remotely by offering comprehensive solutions.

Server Administration


Our certified domain experts will proactively work towards the server administration (Windows, Linux / UNIX, Virtualization and more). We take care of scheduled maintenance, OS Patching (Irrespective of OS), Anti-virus updates, and lot more, in the lean production hours after getting the Change Management approved from the CAB (Change Advisory Board).

  • Professional issues analysis
  • OS & application patching irrespective of OS & AV Updates
  • Regular maintenance to avoid outages
  • Scheduled Backup
  • Improved operational performance
  • Public / private cloud administration

Cloud Servers Administration


We work towards automating your own IT Infrastructure in the public / private cloud, for hosting your web applications, migrating your existing applications or even for a testing, on demand in the cloud Infrastructure.

Cloud Infrastructure administration & migration

  • Build Disaster Recovery & On-demand testing
  • Patch / fix the identified vulnerabilities
  • Maintain high security level
  • Support irrespective of service providers
  • Public / private cloud support

Network Monitoring

We monitor your entire network (like Mail Servers, Web Servers, Database Servers, backup solutions and their Resources Utilization, Routers, Switches, Firewall and many more) for outages and afford solution to fine tune your servers & network for outstanding performance.

  • Round the clock monitoring throughout the Year
  • Proactive& reactive alert notifications
  • Reporting the outages to escalation matrix
  • Alert through Mail / Phone Call / SMS

Network Management


Our certified domain experts will categorize the network related issues rapidly and provide solution quickly. We provide 24 / 7 / 365 days of proactive monitoring services to facilitate keeping your network stable. We use to conduct Vulnerability Assessment on regular intervals and patch / fix the identified vulnerabilities to keep our network more secure.

  • Support day-to-day operations
  • Support new implementations
  • Regular configuration backups
  • Rapid response for outages
  • Secured network

Database Management


Our Database administration team helps you to configure HA for your mission critical data base. Our certified team will house keep and administer the database to ensure the maximum availability of servers.

  • Building HA for mission critical DB server
  • Performance tuning
  • Log Analysis
  • Shorten recovery times
  • Better customer service

Information Security


We monitor threats, malicious contents and intrusions in the network perimeter appliances and vigilant the respected stack holders to take proactive steps to block the identified, unauthorized activity. Our certified domain experts provide guidance on how to prevent these types of intrusions in future.

  • Real-time behavioral analysis
  • Keeping the network more secure by regular VA
  • Manage the OS and Antivirus Patches up to date
  • Maintain IDS / IPS kind of security appliances

All our services enable you to cut-cost at the same time meet regulatory compliance, achieve operational efficiencies, exceed uptime targets, maintain information security across your network, reduce operation costs and enhance service performance.