Oceanic Vision is a rapidly growing organization that stands as a testimony to how well hard work, commitment, and team spirit can contribute to the success of an organization and its clients. The minimal hierarchy further helps us build a fast, smarter and customer-focused Oceanic Vision.

Mr. Ray Pillay – Chairman & Managing Director
Experience, Insight, Results.

With over 30+ years of experience in hospitality, real estate, construction and development, a self-made successful entrepreneur who puts in more work hours than the youngest at Oceanic Vision, our Chairman is an inspiration and a guiding force for Oceanic Vision’s new business alliances, strategic investments and expansion plans.

Mr. Andy Nair – Director
Energy, Precision, Focus.


One of the driving forces behind Oceanic Vision – our international clients call him Andy. With over 18+ years of business and technology management experience, he recognized the potential of combining technology, design and internet strategy and is the founder of Oceanic Vision. He is primarily focused on new markets, business development, human resources development and future road-map.

Mr. Ajit Pillai (Jay) – Sr. Manager – Operations & Delivery
Technology, Analysis, Logic.

With his keen ability to cut-through jargon and make sense of technology for business solutions, Jay has 8+ years of IT experience. He has been part of Oceanic Vision from our inception and is mainly focused on oversight of offshore projects delivery, product development, technical resources deployment and technology challenges.