Secure Corporate Messenger

Secure corporate Instant Messaging solution helps promote collaboration and community building among employees, partners & customers.

  • Improved communication without productivity loss
  • Safer communication & effective transfer of confidential information
  • Reduces operational costs besides elimination of distance barrier
  • Facility to send screen capture with comments or annotations for collaboration

C-Cube – Corporate Instant Messenger

Effective and secure communication is imperative for the growth of any organization. Instant Messaging is the most preferred communication tool for managers and employees in today’s digitally connected enterprises. The business challenge is in implementing an Instant Messaging solution that is both productive and secure.

C-Cube offers an enterprise grade Secure Instant Messaging solution for effective communication, collaboration and community building in the corporate enterprise for your employees, partners & customers.

C-Cube is a secured Corporate Instant Messaging System with group messaging, screen sharing, file transfer and voice mailing conveniences. It provides a way to communicate within a corporate environment based on the privileges and enabling authorized users to do special operations. C-Cube allows auto logging of chat logs that can be used for audit purpose. Besides, auto archiving and auto deleting can also be done.

C-Cube allows you to communicate through your PC enabling interactive participation between one or more people over a secure, private communication network including Intranet and Internet. C-Cube ensures your conversations and data are safe as it comes with the capability to stay connected with all your colleagues any time via chat, email, image or file transfer.

Why C-Cube?

  • Secured Instant Messenger tool for a corporate
  • Web Admin panel for user pool control from anywhere in the corporate network
  • User pool creation and management by corporate admin and user creation is restricted from client side
  • Corporate privilege settings for performing specific operations such as Add Contacts, Screen Captures & File Transfers
  • Chat Monitoring based on given keywords and file types to eliminate unnecessary chat
  • Alerts via Email including alert for offline users indicating the arrival of offline message / file
  • Customize C-Cube with your own company logo and enhance your corporate brand identity
  • Secured communication through password protected message & files transfer
    Instant screen capture
  • Enhanced inter & intra department communication thru instance message and file transfer
  • Voice mailing for effective way to share information to online and offline users
  • Chat logs for Audit trial
  • Broadcast messaging to all C-Cube users
  • Users can interact only with the persons for whom they have privilege
  • Reminder settings to keep track of Task / Meetings

Salient Features

Restricted User Mgmt:
restricted-user-managementUser pool creation and management by corporate admin and user creation is restricted from client side.
Screen Captures:
Screen-CapturesGrab a particular portion of your screen and share it with others through your chat window. Easy image editing facility also provided alongwith to increase understandability.
User-friendly Dashboard:
User-friendly-DashboardC-Cube Web Admin Panel Dashboard simplifies instant messaging by providing summarized reporting data in easy-to-understand charts.
ChatC-Cube allows one-to-one chat and conference chat involving a group of online users to help in instant communication.
Corporate Privileges:
Corporate-PrivilegesCorporate privilege settings for performing specific operations such as Add Contacts, Screen Captures and File Transfers.
Voice Mail:
Voice-MailC-Cube allows you to record voice messages and send the recorded voice to other online as well as offline users.
Chat Monitoring:
Chat-MonitoringYou can restrict chat communication to ensure effective inter-office communication by filtering unwanted words and restricting unwanted files for which email alerts will be triggered to the authorized personnel.
File Transfer:
File-TransferC-Cube helps you to transfer files with a single or multiple users in a fast, easy & secure way. In case, if any secured file or restricted file type is transferred over a network, the authorized personnel will receive an email alert instantaneously.
LoggingAll instant communications between users are logged into the centralized location for audit to ensure high security level.
Offline Alerts:
Offline-AlertsEmail alert for users indicating the reception of offline message / file.
Logo Rebranding:
Logo-RebrandingCustomize C-Cube with your own company logo and enhance your corporate brand identity.
RemindersHelps you to set reminders like birthday alerts, meeting alerts, etc., on your own and also to other users currently in your contact list.

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Unique Advantages

C-Cube works within any network like LAN / WAN / Internet
User-friendly Interface & centralized Instant Messaging Server
Restricted communication within a specified corporate workplace to ensure productivity level remains unaffected
Sending instant & password protected messages, secured file transfers confidentially over a private network in a compressed format
No risk of sensitive messages read by unauthorized people
Alerts & logging features exclusively for audit purpose
Restrictions for users based on privileges to add contacts, capture screens & transfer files
Administrator based user management
Keyword based chat restrictions based on rules to ensure effective business communication

How it Works?



  • Banking & Finance Sector
  • IT Industries & Software companies
  • IT Enabled Services (ITES), BPO’s,CallCenters
  • ISP & Telco Operators
  • Universities & Research Institutes
  • All types of Industries including Manufacturing, Retail, Travel, etc.,


  • Secure Instant Messaging
  • Better intra-company collaboration
  • Increased office productivity
  • Increased ROI from your Assets
  • Alternate option for email & phone wherever applicable
  • Improved communication without productivity loss
  • Efficient user management from any machine through web version
  • Tracking of communication through chat history
  • File transfer & alert logs mainly used for audit purpose
  • Safer communication & effective transfer of confidential information
  • Elimination of distance barrier
  • Reduced operational costs

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