Inbound Solutions

If you are looking for a company to outsource your inbound call centre program, you came to the right place; Oceanic Vision has handled a number of inbound accounts ranging from simple order taking to complex online medical registration. We have more than enough experience to handle anything you throw at us. Our agents are well trained on all the concept of inbound customer service and are very well aware on how important customer satisfaction is for your business. Our agents are trained on every aspect of the business, from phone courtesy, customer service skills to the in depth knowledge of your program.

We have a very efficient Quality Assurance in place whose job is to work closely with the agents who are handling your inbound call centre account to make sure that calls are being handled efficiently and that customers are satisfied after the conversation. We know how much you value your customers and we at Oceanic Vision will make sure that it is also our goal. Total customer satisfaction. We operate on the goal of boosting customer loyalty and encouraging return purchases. With our phone system, your inbound account has the ability to:

  • Monitor Calls
  • Generate real time reports( AHT, Number of calls received, Phone time etc)
  • Generate call recordings
  • Transfer calls
  • Conference calls
  • Create a personalized IVR program for your Inbound account
  • Call Barge and take over a call

Outbound Solutions

When you are looking for a company to outsource your outbound call centre, you would want to work with a call centre who knows the ins and outs of the business. Oceanic Vision has been running outbound accounts from the day we opened our doors. We have done campaigns like lead generation, appointment setting,( B2B and B2C) Mortgage, Travel Programs, and hard selling campaigns such as mobile phone plans. We have a sturdy team composed of well trained and well maintained agents, very competent supervisors and account managers and an efficient quality assurance.

Our outbound call centre system is customizable depending on the needs of your campaign and we can guarantee you 99.9% uptime all the time.

Your outbound program will be using our own Predictive dialers that will double your agent’s effectiveness thus raising the productivity of your program. With our dialer you will be able to:

  • Monitor Calls
  • Generate needed reports
  • (Dispo reports, SPH, APH, contact rate, leads yield rate and a lot more depending on your needs)
  • Remote monitor from anywhere as long as you have internet connection
  • Call Barge and Call take over
  • Call recording ( full and on-demand)
  • Call Transfer (Internal and external)
  • Call conference
  • Use our fully customizable CRM

Go on predictive, power and progressive dial mode depending on what you want.

You will immediately see the savings without sacrificing productivity and quality; We will back you up all the way giving you the chance to focus more on other fields of your outbound business.

Live Web Chat

Being able to turn a visitor on your website into a leads with live chat which would have just past through your website is very powerful and can increase your cash flow. The internet is getting more and more like a real shopping mall but your customer get to do it from their home, imagine yourself walking into Kmart and you see that brand new LCD TV that you would like to buy, you are able to get a sales representative to help you right away. With the live chat support our goal is to be there for your customer and give them the information they need right away assisting to a quick purchase.

Oceanic Vision was able to integrate CRM software into the live chat support platform giving the ability to save the customers contact detail for future purchase or special sales.

Live Chat Support is used in the following industry

  • Online Shopping
  • VOIP Providers
  • Online Poker
  • Car Dealerships
  • Call Centres
  • Mobile Phones
  • Mortgage/Real Estate
  • Tech Support
  • Online Auction